Tables of 8

The Tables of 8 Program has been operating for about two years.  Participants sign up and indicate date availability to meet with a small diverse group of travelers who, like themselves, want to get to know others of diverse faiths.  Participants meet in these small groups of about 8 people for potluck dinners.  An initial host contacts people who have indicated the same date as available.  A simple potluck meal is organized with sensitivity to dietary needs.

The sharing of a simple meal together is conducive to bringing the individuals together.  Simple 'ice breaker' activities help get conversations started.  The goal is to informally share faith perspectives and learn from one another.

Participants commit to at least two dinners with the same group.  Ideally the group will meet 3-4 times.  The initial meeting is arranged by the Tables of 8 Committee.  Subsequent meetings are arranged at that initial meeting to suit everyone's availability.

Reports from past and existing groups are very positive.

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