The MultiFaith Passport is a personal passport to increased understanding of the diverse faiths and cultures of Northwest Ohio. Participants receive their passports at the Annual MultiFaith Banquet or at a later time.  The Passport encourages a journey of personal growth and provides a mini-journal of that journey.

Passport holders are encouraged to:

  • Attend MFC events, Erase the Hate events, interfaith/multifaith events.
  • Visit diverse faith institutions.
  • Make a journal entry and color a ‘stamp’ to commemorate each visit.
  • Your completed passport will be a wonderful souvenir of your unique MultiFaith journey.
  • Attend the next MultiFaith Banquet to communally celebrate our journeys

Passport Destination Partners

See a list of suggested Passport Destinations

The MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio invites faith groups and diversity organizations to become Passport Destination Partners by  encouraging members to use them to chronicle their personal journeys to increased understanding. Please contact the MultiFaith Council by email or phone to indicate your interest in being listed as a Destination Partner.

MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio